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As teens transition from childhood to young adulthood, they have the monumental task of exploring and developing identity, and navigating their lives with newly found independence, risks and responsibility. Teens need love and nurturance, and also the freedom to make their own choices, which can be a challenging balance for families to navigate. Therapy can provide a safe space for teens and their families as they develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need for adult life. I work with and affirm all constellations of families.

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When working with children, I work collaboratively with parents and caregivers to help them understand the sources of their child’s emotions and behaviors, and to explore effective strategies to assist their children in learning to express, cope with, and manage their feelings. I approach child therapy as family therapy, and all together we determine how to best support your child’s needs. I work with and affirm all constellations of families.



Play and Expressive arts therapy is a way of inviting creative expression into the therapeutic process. This may include the use of visual arts, movement/dance, storytelling, song/sound, drama and play, and sandplay therapies.

As a therapist trained in expressive arts therapy, I provide a safe, contained and caring environment wherein I follow your child’s process in session, learning from their symbolic play, and joining them to create meaning.

Since children naturally develop and relate to their world through play, the use of the arts is a natural fit in supporting them in their process. The arts provide children other means of communicating beyond just the use of words. This can help a child to explore their inner experiences and identify their emotions.

Research has shown that expressive arts therapy can help children build stronger relationships, navigate transitions and stressors in life, develop better coping and emotional regulation skills, communicate feelings and needs rather than acting out, decrease anxiety and depression, and increase self-awareness and confidence. 

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