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I understand psychotherapy as a highly collaborative and holistic process, and therefore incorporate many approaches in my therapeutic work with clients. I strive to support the needs and goals of each individual and their unique constellation of self.

At the core of therapy, I view the relationship that is formed between therapist and client--building a strong, trusting and safe alliance—as central and sacred. I bring a warm, empathic and curious presence to your process and exploration, and I invite you, at your own pace and with my support, to become familiar with all of who you are. Therapy is about finding what is right for you, and I am here as a collaborator and witness to help slow down and tune into what is real for you in each moment. Together, through care and mindful noticing, we can find avenues for your own unique and valuable voice to emerge. 

I hold both psychodynamic (uncovering how your past experiences shape and influence your present), as well as relational perspectives (holding that we make meaning of ourselves and the world through our relationships). Healing can be profound when we are able to heal ways in which we have been wounded in relationship through relationship. This can help to better understand and work through relationship patterns that may feel limiting and/or don’t allow for your full expression and fulfillment. 

As a person in a large and complex world, I care about your experiences within larger social systems. I hold an anti-oppression framework, and hope to explore with you the ways in which your social location(s), power and privilege, intersectionality of identity, and cultural values hold significance in your life.

Sometimes past wounding and trauma can make it difficult to describe your full range of experience. We can focus on talk therapy, or in times when words alone feel limiting, we can access insight through creativity and the unconscious, dreams, dramatic role play, active imagination, somatics (body centered approaches), and the expressive arts.

I base my practice on the belief that with kind and loving support, individuals are able to discover that they are have a resiliency and innate drive towards healing and wellness.

In my psychotherapy practice, I work with individual adults, children and teens. I have a special interest in working with children and adolescents who are gender expansive, gender creative, non-binary, transgender, and questioning.

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